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How To Opt For A Good Car DVR Dash Camera

October 26 2012 , Written by kingchar Published on #car dvr, #car dashboard camera, #vehicle dvr

Can someone please recommend me a good decent car digital video recorder for a budget around $100? Now it is common to read such a post in some automotive or car electronic forums. For the purpose of protecting your vehicle when you leave it alone, or record beautiful scenery passing by during the trip, or take videos as evidence of insurance claim, or others, now more and more car owners start to have a car DVR digital recorder installed in the vehicle.

Nowadays, car DVR is getting an increasing popularity. You can find different kind of this device in local automotive electronic retailers. Meanwhile, there are more and more online stores selling this product. However, picking a good cost-effective car DVR is not an easy matter. Which kind of car DVR is good, where to buy, many people start similiar discussions in related forums so that they can get some useful information of helping making a right choose !

Actually, when it comes to the purchase of car DVR, every one has different requirement. To make a summary, people would prefer following features if possible:

1. Small or mini size, easy to mount/remove

2. Mounted to windscreen

3. Have video screen

4. Can automatically cyclic record

5. With USB port, easy to transfer recorded files to computer

6. Must be at least 720p recording, 1080P will be much better

7. Date/time display

8. Optional GPS logger

Above are basic features people may consider when purchase a vehicle DVR. In addition, some people may have other requirements. For example, people may need a car DVR coming with wide angle lens that can shooting a much wider range. When it comes to the wide angle lens, people usually have different views. For example, I recently read a post on a forum called whirlpool, the content is following: wide angle is usually only at lesser resolution. It doesn't give you much extra on the sides, just more bonnet, dash and sky. Having a lot of sky in the image can really screw with contrast. So, I prefer a car DVR with as normal an angle as possible. So, not every one likes the wide angle lens.

Night vision is also an important feature that might be considered when you choose a car digital recorder. In fact, most car DVRs in today's market are equipped with IR night vision. These devices can record clear images even at night or in some low-light environments. However, some people think that IR has limited range, only good for a few meters depending on how many LEDs it has. Commonly, the number of LEDs for IR night vision is 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 32.

I had done some research of this product when bought a car DVR for my love vehicle, and found some people highly recommended X4000 or GS5000 car DVR dash camera. I chose one X4000, and it works very well until now. You may click here to see whether it is the one you are looking for!

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