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Car Dashboard Camera Can Bring Drivers Great Benefits

January 7 2013 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

A car dashboard camera, or vehicle driving recorder, is a camera that is fixed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens during driving. Now this is extremely a hot-sale car accessory, more and more people including...

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Do Make A Difference Between Car Dashboard Camera And Home-use DV

December 21 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

Car dash camera or car DVR , usually consider as the vehicle black box, is mainly used to record what happened during the driving. This is a new popular in-car device, and has received a great popularity recently. Home-use DV is a common digital product,...

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Dash Camera-- Protect Your Vehicle From Damage And Accident

December 12 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic information technology, dash cameras have been also widely used in automotive industry. Be regarded as an important security device in the vehicle, a car camera is mainly designed to monitor and record...

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Purchase Car Dashboard Camera As Car Owners’ Christmas Gifts

December 7 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

Everything is ready: Santa Claus, decorated trees, Turkey, Choir, carol, bells, sleighs pulled by reindeer, all of which remind us that Christmas is around the corner. Christmas is really a season for shopping, as well as a season of giving and receiving...

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The Benefits Of Installing Car DVR Camcorder In Your Vehicle

November 29 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

For most car owners, what they most worry about is the car's security. As you know, automobile theft is one of the most common crimes in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that in every minute there are countless cars being stolen. Although the police...

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How To Opt For A Good Car DVR Dash Camera

October 26 2012 , Written by kingchar Published on #car dvr, #car dashboard camera, #vehicle dvr

Can someone please recommend me a good decent car digital video recorder for a budget around $100? Now it is common to read such a post in some automotive or car electronic forums. For the purpose of protecting your vehicle when you leave it alone, or...

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