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Posts with #car dashboard camera tag

Car DVR Dashboard Camera Brings You A Much Better Vacation

November 29 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dashboard camera

Most people now enjoy listening to music or watching movies anytime, anywhere. If you want to do this, a dash camera seems to be a pretty good choice. Like the name states, dash camera is highly handy. This means that you can carry it around wherever...

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Full HD Dashboard Camera Gives You A New Feeling Of Driving

November 22 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #CAR DASHBOARD CAMERA

In recent years, with the popularity of cars, the in-car entertainment devices are also becoming more and more popular. Among which, car dash cam can be the most widely-used one. In the market, there are several kinds of car DVR. And the features of these...

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How To Opt For A Good Car DVR Dash Camera

October 26 2012 , Written by kingchar Published on #car dvr, #car dashboard camera, #vehicle dvr

Can someone please recommend me a good decent car digital video recorder for a budget around $100? Now it is common to read such a post in some automotive or car electronic forums. For the purpose of protecting your vehicle when you leave it alone, or...

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