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Car Dashboard Camera Can Bring Drivers Great Benefits

January 7 2013 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car dvr

A car dashboard camera, or vehicle driving recorder, is a camera that is fixed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens during driving. Now this is extremely a hot-sale car accessory, more and more people including police, bus drivers, taxi drivers and private car owners choose to install such an item in the vehicle.

If you are planning to purchase a car dash cam, there are different types available for your choice. You can select the dual lens car dash cam, which usually have a front lens and a rear lens and can shoot a much wider range of vision. Some advanced version of the cameras with GPS logger are also available for your choice, which can simultaneously recording the driving speed and track. There are also HD car dash cameras that are capable of taking high quality videos. If you drive mostly at night, then cameras equipped with IR night vision function will be your best choice as they can make clear recordings even in the dark. Just choose the one you want. This car accessory is very easy to use. Generally speaking, it will automatically switch on and begin recording as soon as the car engine starts. And it saves all video data to a memory card. What’s better, most car dash cams support cyclic recording, so you don't need to worry about the issue of memory run out.

Having such a device in the vehicle is really a good idea, at least I think so! The camera can be acted as an in-car monitor system to record what happened inside your car or around it. Nobody knows what will happen in the next second, especially when you are driving in crowded roads. You can't predict what an unexpected maneuver that the car in front of you will do, neither can you make sure that a fraudulent accident won't occurs to you. If you meet above cases unluckily, that is almost impossible to simply deal with. But if you have a car dash cam in the car, things will be different. Whatever it is, the videos it recorded will be there to contribute to finding out the truth, and help you solve the matters in shortest time.

I just bought a GS1000 car dashboard camera, and installed it in my car about one month ago. Here i greatly want to tell you that GS1000 is a good item worth to buy. Don't believe? You can view the videos related to this auto dash camera on You Tube site, most are posted by the users. And you can also read some reviews or discussions from some automobile blog sites. As long you have a detailed learn on the GS1000 dashboard camera, you will understand that why i highly recommend it to you!

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