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What is the price of the installation of car DVD player

January 7 2013 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car gps

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of car dvd player and its multiple user-friendly functions, more and more drivers and car fans choose to install a car dvd player unit in the vehicle. That no doubt makes the interior decoration of the car far more versatile and amazing, as well as turns your car into a move entertainment centre. However, do you know how much is the dvd player installation cost?

Of course you don't need to consider the installation cost if you are the same as the following two cases. First, purchase an easy-to-install special Android dvd player. Usually, a special car dvd is very easy to install as it is designed almost the same as the original factory radio player. A green hand is almost able to get the installation done. Second, for the ones who own knowledge about car electronics products and much car electronics installation experience, the installation of car dvd player is just a piece of cake. If you happen to be in these two cases, then you can start your DIY installation right away.

What if you are not in above mentioned two cases? Surely the easiest method is that you go to the local installer shop and have the car dvd player installed by professional persons. Some people may think that the installation process is pretty simple at first. But they will find that it is not that case after having a try. At last, you have to seek the professional help. So do you know how much they will ask for the installation?

Actually, the cost for the installation of car dvd depends on the service store you choose. Generally speaking, the installation fee ranges from US$75 to US$350. Of course the price is not included with the car dvd itself. Some small companies or automobile repair stores usually charge for US$75 to US$80. Some car owners may prefer to choose famous car installers like Best Buy’s. Such big companies will offer their services at a much higher price, usually up to $200.

When it comes to the installation of car dvd player, some car owners still don't make clear what it includes. The small company offer basic car GPS installation. For those big famous companies, removal of original car stereo player and installation of an aftermarket headrest DVD in the car as well as after-sales are involved.

Before you purchase a car dvd player for your love vehicle, you need to well understand your own needs. Selecting a right car GPS dvd player with all the functions you need is very important, but meanwhile, you'd better consider the installation problem as well.

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