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Portable DVD Player - Make Your Life More Colorful Anytime And Anywhere

December 25 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car gps

Car dvd player is no longer only be used in one vehicle, whether you believe it or not, that is indeed a fact. With the advent of portable dvd player, now people are able to use car dvd player in multiple vehicles and even other more occasions. As the name implies, portable dvd player has a high portability. With it, you can watch movies wherever you are.

Live in a world full of incredible high technology products, we have so many advanced gadgets and tools placed at home. But having everything in the house is not enough now. People also want to fill the frequently used car with various gadgets so as to make the driving not feel too dull and boring. In fact, we have many choices when we want to make our in-car life more colorful and entertained, such as in dash dvd player, headrest car dvd, car mp3 player, roof mount monitor, portable dvd player and so on. Now take the portable dvd player for example.

Portable dvd player, as the name implies, has a high portability. It is an easy-carry gadget, so you can use it at home, in the car and in other more occasions. That means, with such an item, people can listen to music, watch movies and play games anytime and anywhere. Some people may prefer to other portable devices like laptops and tablets. But, for portable dvd players, there are still some good reasons to consider one for your mobile video viewing needs.

First, a portable DVD player is usually inexpensive. Relative to a tablet, a laptop or even a net-book, portable dvd players are really bargains. Generally, you can purchase one with less than $150. You will find plenty under $100 and even a few below $50. Good luck finding a cheap but high quality portable dvd player!

Second, today's portable dvd player usually comes with multiple functions, and they can no longer only be used to play DVDs. Audio playing, video viewing, TV and game, all of these are common functions for portable dvd players nowadays. You can find memory card slots (typically a SD slot) and USB port, allowing you to directly play some digital video and audio files stored in the SD card, and connect a USB drive so that you can get more digital media resource. When you are at home, a portable player can also be connected to your TV or home entertainment center via an A/V output. In addition, LCD screens (usually from 7 inch to 12.5 inch) on today's portable DVD players are great enough to provide a good viewing experience.

You will have a plenty of choices when shopping for a portable dvd player. The color, monitor size, functions, price, where to buy, all of these need to be considered. Carry a portable dvd player with you, your life will become more colorful, enjoyable and entertained, anytime and anywhere.

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