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Multifunctional Vehicle DVR, In Drivers’ Life

October 29 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics

Vehicle DVR, or you can also call it car vehicle recorder, or dashboard camera, is really a multifunctional car electronic. For its features including high pixels, simple operation, rotatable camera, high definition shooting, high-capacity memory card supported, night vision and so on, this device can not only increase your car's protection, but also add much pleasure to your journey.

Drivers are usually worrying about our vehicles of collision, scratches, rear-end collision. However, because of the crowed roads, chaotic traffic or drivers' carelessness, it is really a fact that the traffic accident is happening every moment. Sometimes it is really difficult to make clear who should be responsible for the accident, and this will make you not able to protect your own benefits. Don't worry about this any more! You just need a car DVR, and it will help you a lot especially when you are involved in an complex traffic accident as it can playback the process how the accident occurs.

It is really a fact that sometimes you find that your car appears some new scratches after you park it somewhere for a short time. You may guess that someone intentionally damages your vehicle, but who did it? when did it happen? How did it happen? If you install a vehicle recorder in your vehicle, it will clearly help you solve these problems. This small gadget can record what actually happened to your car as your Audi dvd Navigation opening , which will no doubt upgrade the car protection to a great extent, as well as protect your own benefits.

You know, going on a self-driving tour with your families or friends during the weekend or vacation is really a great pleasure! People like to capture every happy and interesting moment with their cameras or camcorder during the trip. However, with a car DVR in your vehicle, it is really unnecessary to bring a camera or camcorder in additional. Actually, the vehicle DVR can act as the combination of above two devices, and it can help you automatically record the whole process of your driving trip. Some tourists like to use a DV to during the travel. In fact, compared to the DV, the Vehicle DVR seems to be more powerful as it has the night vision function. Even in the dark night, it is able to shoot a very clear picture. No matter where you drive to, the DVR can help you take the videos or capture every beautiful scenery.

Connect car DVR with your computer according to the PS mode, you can take it as the camera and make network video chat via it. Moreover, its sharpness and contrast are much higher than ordinary computer camera. The vehicle recorder DVR is also a large-capacity storage device, it is available to store data after connected it with your computer under the mode of VGA, very convenient and practical. Also, it can be used as a card reader as well.

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