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How to Upgrade Your Car Protection, DVR or GPS

November 5 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics

There is no doubt that both vehicle DVR and car gps navigation can help you protecting yourself on the way. Apart from car GPS, DVR for cars also very important to drivers. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, which is a device that used to record images and sound during your driving, and what recorded will be automatically stored in flash disks or memory sticks.

In the market, there are many car DVR systems produced by different manufacturing companies, and which usually vary in price, size, features and so on. In fact, every car DVR can never truly be the exact same as another. Though a small gadget, this system has multiple functions, usually it comes with USB port, AV out, HDMI output and so on. Some high-end ones even support GPS navigation function. Not only used in the car, the DVR device can also act as home-use DV to record every splendid moment in your life.

Because of its minute size, the car vehicle recorder is simple to carry and install. With the camera holder/mount, you can easily fix it on the car dashboard or car windshield at your will. Of course the user can have them fitted wherever they feel that they will work greatest in the vehicle.

For the car DVR, the recording and storing are usually carried out by itself. Usually, when the vehicle starts up, the DVR will turn on and start video shooting function automatically. The users do not have to keep checking in order to save whatever it shoots as the recorded information data will be stored in the memory card directly. Some models also has the cyclic recording mode, so there is need to worry about the issue of memory run out. They can be kept constantly running through plugging them to a energy supply, without other cables that can be quite cumbersome.

Car DVR is pretty multifunctional, especially when it comes to security and your own benefits. Firstly, it is a functional assistant of your private security as it can capture clear videos and photos for owners who want to monitor their cars. The high quality video and audio it recorded can be timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility. For the professional person engaged in the work of police officers, journalists, detectives and so on, occasionally, if there is something unexpected happens on your way, they can use the DVR to record it in the shortest time. What's more, as a picture and video enthusiast, you will never let beautiful scenery pass you by with such a device in your vehicle.

Today, user has higher and higher demands for the performance of car DVR. So more advanced technologies have been applied to this system. Now many car vehicle recorder systems adopt dual lens with wide angle of such as 120°, 140°, 180° and TFT LCS monitors rotated for 90°, 180°, 270°, which makes it more convenient to shoot videos and photos at various occasions. Some ones even use the advanced G-Sensor function. What's better, car DVR with GPS logger are also available for you!

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