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How To Choose A Best Portable Car GPS System

November 5 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #Car GPS

Nowadays, GPS navigation systems have been widely used. If you are shopping for a car, a truck or a SUV, then you may find that the vast number of vehicles take the new portable vehicle 2 DIN GPS systems as part of their standard package upgrades. This tells a fact, no longer is the GPS system only mounted to the dash board of your car, portable car GPS is becoming increasingly popular.

The portable car GPS system have been with us for years. Today, you can hold a portable GPS navigation system in your hand wherever you go. These systems are extremely handy when you find yourself stuck in traffic, caught in nasty road construction messes, or lost in strange places. What's more, a portable car GPS system with car mp3 player also provide a pretty good solution to your vehicles and driving security. A portable GPS system can be a pretty good choice for your outgoing.

You know, most portable gps systems have basic functions such as voice narrations to help directing you where to go, information of gas station, car dvr, restaurant and other more. In addition to these common features, it's worth the time to figure out exactly what other features you may still need.

For example, some portable are equipped with the well-known function of Bluetooth. Thus you can make handsfree calls or listen to Bluetooth stereo music while driving, this greatly increase your driving safety. But, anyway, when considering the features that you want in your portable gps navigation system, it's important to consider whether you'll actually be needing that feature or it's just an added function.

You may need to consider some of other major functions: If you make a wrong turn, does your GPS navigation system automatically reroute for you? Does the voice narration announce the name of the street or does it only say to you the next street? Will it calculate how long it will take you to arrive at your destination? This feature is invaluable when you want to accurately choose the shortest route from several choices.

Apart from functions, you should also consider other things such as the size and price. You can find portable handheld units which can be put in your pocket but have small screen sizes. If you want a larger screen, the units will be less portable. So make sure to consider how you will use your unit before purchasing. The first thing coming to your mind is always the cost when it comes to technical purchases. For anything, you will get what you pay for. To save the cost and choose a low priced unit, you may just get something that may function well half the time.

You will find a lot of options when purchasing a portable GPS system. It is suggested that make sure which kind you prefer to, then select the unit having functions you expected and check it at local automotive products store. Next you can go online to find this unit for the best deals. Usually, you can find the best deals in online store.

If lucky, you may find better portable GPS units with many functions but lower prices in some online store.

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