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Car DVD Player May Be One Pretty Good Christmas Gift Option

December 13 2012 , Written by AUTO Electronics Published on #car gps

Today, installing a car DVD player in the vehicle has become a new trend among car owners. This is one of the latest and coolest ways to electronically enhance your driving life. Thank to high technology, car DVD players nowadays usually come in all different varieties and prices, but even the cheapest ones will give you a very big surprise! At present, car DVD players can be roughly divided into in dash DVD player, headrest DVD player and roof mount and other units.

Compared with car MP3 player, In-dash DVD player is a multi functional item that can provide you with both entertainment and driving security functions during car trips. Usually, it is equipped with many entertainment options such as listening to music, watching videos, movies and TV programs, browsing pictures, playing video games and so on. But, for the sake of security, drivers are not allowed to enjoy videos while driving. Apart from entertainment enjoyments, you may be also familiar with some practical functions of an in-dash DVD player like Hyundai DVD GPS navigation, Bluetooth handsfree function, auto rear view function, etc,. So, with an in dash DVD player, you can easily find the right direction even in unfamiliar places. It is also available to make handsfree calls without leaving your hands from steering wheel. That effectively improves the driving security. For Sunday drivers, auto rear view function really plays an important role in ensuring the safety of reversing or parking, effectively avoiding some rear collisions, meanwhile reducing the rate of unexpected accident.

For people who enjoy car trips together with family and friends, headrest DVD players are really good companions. This kind of DVD player is usually sold in pairs, and most of their monitors can work separately. This means that the two monitors can display different content at the same time, for example, you can watch your favorite movie while the person next to you is playing video games. Of course you can make the two monitors play the same music or movie simultaneously by doing some connection on them. Due to its special design, headrest monitors, as its name applied, are installed on the headrests of front seats. So this model of DVD player seems to be specially made for rear passengers. If your passengers have different entertainment preferences, or there are noisy children in your vehicle who may disturb your driving, the headrest players are the best devices to solve these problems.

Roof mount car DVD is designed to entertain passengers sitting in the back seats. They usually have much bigger screen compared with other DVD players. So it is able to provide a much larger and clearer view of pictures and videos for passengers, even for those sitting in rear seats. However, the big screen also takes up much space, which will make the auto look less spacious. To solve this, you may choose a roof mount DVD player that has folding monitor. But, generally speaking, roof mount DVD players are more suitable for larger vehicles like SUV.

During this Christmas sale season, many professional car electronic and accessory online retailers like Qualir have already launched lots of car DVD players on sale. If you are still hesitated about selecting what Christmas gift for your family, friends or yourself, maybe you can consider about the car DVD player! With it, your driving life in the next year will become more enjoyable and interesting!

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